I'm a Dubai based natural light photographer currently working in food, family and portrait photography. 

I'm a traveller by birth, biochemist by education, a restauranteur by career and a photographer at heart.


My love for photography began in India, whilst traveling around the world for a year with my other half, what feels centuries ago.


Realistically, India is really a bit of a cheat country to discover you love to photograph. Those of you who have been lucky enough to visit will understand what I mean. The colours, the people, the architecture, the gods, the streets, the grit, the saris, the cows, the food, THE FOOD, don't get me started with the food!! Seriously, who hasn't become a photographer whilst visiting India?

With this new found love I gave up running restaurants and bars as soon as I possibly could, and started photographing them instead. All the fun a lot less stress - BONUS!


As you can imagine travel photography continues to pull at my heart and I try to get on a plane/train/boat somewhere as often as possible. What started for fun and personal joy now helps fund lots of exciting trips. So not too shabby!


Please don't skip the instagram section where I post many of my personal and travel photography and many of the social media jobs I cover for clients too.